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Update meta descriptions. Fix broken links. Compress images. Curate social media posts. Powerful time-saving for HubSpot users.

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Update page descriptions

Make sure every page on your site has an accurate, optimised page title and description. Check for missing or overlong titles and meta descriptions and rewrite them all in one place.

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Fix broken links

Optimise your internal link strategy and fix broken or redirected links. Check every link in your pages and posts. Are they being redirected? Cut out the hop and add the direct link. Are they broken? Update them instantly.

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Compress images

Optimise your page load speed and mobile experience. Put fat pages on a diet. Find large image files and compress them with just a few clicks.

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Curate social media posts

Scan trusted third-party sites for amazing content. Search for different topics, identify shareable items and curate dozens of third-party social posts via HubSpot in minutes.

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Save time with HubToolKit

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Update page titles and descriptions with one click

HubToolkit lets you scan all the blog posts and pages on your HubSpot website and update page titles, meta descriptions, and image alt tags in one place.

Tools like Ahrefs and Moz will tell you what needs to be fixed but fixing them on a page-by-page basis can take hours of clicking. Now HubToolkit uses HubSpot's API to let you see and fix meta description issues in one place.


Find and fix broken links, update redirected links 

Broken links are bad news for visitors and damaging for your SEO. Everybody tells you to fix them. But it's a real pain finding dozens or even hundreds of broken links and editing them one by one. It's even fiddlier to update redirected links, but that's also important for SEO.

That's where HubToolkit comes into play. It scans your HubSpot CMS website pages and blog posts for broken and redirected links and lets you fix them quickly in one simple list.

Social media curation in HubToolkit

Resize and compress images 

Page speed is an important SEO ranking factor and Google penalises pages that are slow to load. The biggest culprit is usually bloated images. Sure you can scan the page, identify fat files, compress them manually and update them. But doing that for every image on hundreds of pages takes forever.

Luckily, HubToolkit can find and compress dozens or even hundreds of overweight files in minutes. 

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Curate social media posts 

You need to curate relevant third-party content on your social media channels as well as promote your own material. Yes, you can add content post by post using HubSpot's browser plugin. But it's not very efficient.

HubToolkit lets you build a list of RSS feeds and sites and then publish dozens of posts at a time. Using an API link to your HubSpot portal(s) you can fill your social media calendar in minutes. If you ever used Inboundlii, you'll feel right at home.


Designed and built by HubSpot experts

Articulate Marketing built HubToolkit. As a HubSpot Platinum partner, we've helped our clients get more visitors and leads using HubSpot. We've distilled that experience into HubToolkit.

If, like us, you’ve ever migrated an old website to HubSpot or updated the page titles on 500 blog posts or fixed 150 broken links or curated thousands of social media posts by hand you’ll know exactly why the world needs HubToolkit.

HubToolkit works well with single HubSpot portals but it also supports multiple users and portals, making it perfect for agencies looking to accelerate their SEO and social media work.


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